snack time // leipzig chocolate


Do you know Leipziger Schokolade? Have you tried it yet? It’s super delicious!!

I’ve got one of these with white chocolate and filled with macadamias (my favorite nuts) for super clean shoes last Sunday. ;-) But I came across this chocolate selection a few days earlier when I was looking for little things to give away right here.

I was searching for something like that, some sweets made in LEipzig, for quite a while, ’cause when I send a package to a friend that lives abroad I really want to add something from here you can’t get there. And these days such a thing is hard to find.

So I was very happy when I saw this chocolate that is made in one of the most beautiful cafés/restaurants/patisseries you can find in LEipzig: Maitre. The wrapping was designed by LE-based illustrator Phillip Janta, who did a great job too, I think.

Have a fun weekend! :-)

PS: I am participating in an audiovisual event tonight called Raster Noton & Adventurous Music if you’d like to listen to my tunes… ;-)


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