2016 // minimalism

Happy New Year, everybody!

I hope you all had the best start ever!

Mine was good and pretty busy because I decided to tidy up my life during the holidays. I do this once in a while and love how everything feels light and fresh after decluttering. Besides that I am constantly very curious in figuring out with how many (or few) things I can live and still don’t feel unhappy. Most people do it in springtime, but I decided to leave all the things that don’t spark any joy in 2015. And soon after moving all the stuff I own(ed), many cool ideas came to my mind. I guess, tidying up made room for them.

So since that was such a wonderful experience, I decided 2016 is gonna be my year of minimalism. And that, hopefully, will end up in maximalism regarding time, space, creativity, joy, and happiness. We’ll see…

In case you would like to join in this journey of creating a minimalistic lifestyle, here are a few interesting links to maybe start with:

#1: Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up (Marie Kondo’s new book)

#2: The Minimalists (a blog on minimalism)

#3: Lavendaire explaining KonMari (video tutorials)

#4: Marie Kondo (a talk)

See you next week! :-)

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