inspired by // jackson pollock


During the holidays, Ro and I watched this movie about Jackson Pollock. Ro in particular already was a big fan of this painter’s work. Me not so much, but after watching this drama, I really wanted to dive into abstract expressionism and action painting.

And so we did. I remembered the canvases in my tiny art chamber sitting there for several years. After deciding which one to use, I pulled out some acrylic colors and paintbrushes and quickly changed our living room into a creative workplace.

Each one of us chose a color and then started to sprinkle it in a certain way. If you think that’s easy – no, it’s not. You really have to get into the technique and figure out the results of each move you make. It’s not just splashing paint. Almost every drop and brushstroke turned out different than we expected. Usually, I prefer things turn out as planned but, in this case, I enjoyed being surprised and really liked the metamorphosis our painting took. We also used a bit too much water first, so all the colors got mixed up. But in the end, I love how our masterpiece turned out and appreciate every little detail and creature I can see in it. ;-)

So do you like abstract expressionism? And do you have a favorite painter?

PS: One of those pictures has a little eye in it, can you see it?


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