rundgang hgb // my favorite artists


Last weekend, Ro and I made it to the annual Rundgang (walk around) at our local Academy of Fine Arts (HGB). We were looking for some inspiration for our own creative work and these are the artists that inspired me most.

#1 Martin Voigt: I was very impressed by his photorealistic paintings and precise drawings like the one called The Birdhouse.

#2 Heinrich Mauersberger: His graphical ink-on-paper works named A Sommer Walk are pretty good.

#3 Sarah Hüning: She created a Garden In A Suitcase, which was the most beautiful artwork in illustration I have seen this day.

#4 Jakob Immel: His huge oil and acrylic painting in dark blue and black called Memory of Last Night was just mesmerizing.

PS: I need to mention that none of these artist’s exhibited work I have seen in real is shown on their websites yet.


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