lakota people’s fry bread // sweet and veggie style


I wanted to get behind the secret of Indian fry bread for a very long time. So last weekend, I took the chance and prepared it, ye! ;-) I followed this recipe and I have to say, fry bread is way easier to make than I thought (I am not a very talented baker and to be honest, a “wayward” ingredient like yeast is something I try to avoid). So my plan was to prepare a dish for two and in the end I could feed five people, made about fifteen fry breads and had enough dough left to bake a normal seized apple pie. The magic of yeast… Haha! :-)

Well, the most convincing and interesting part for me to try out fry bread was that you can eat it sweet or hearty and therefore as a snack for breakfast or a full dish for lunch or dinner.

So my two versions of fry bread are for vegetarians (other than the original “Taco” one with meat). Making the hearty but also light and fresh filling, I created a quark/yogurt cream consisting of tiny pieces of shallots, cucumber, pepper, and parsley. I put this cream on the fresh fried bread and added fresh tomatoes, quick-fried portobella mushrooms and grated gouda. For the sweet version, I simply drizzled the bread with agave syrup.

Well, I guess, now I know the secret behind fry bread. It’s a fantastic food, basically an all-rounder you can perhaps also use as a side dish for your soup. It’s crispy outside but soft in the inside and you can eat it warm or cold. Depending on the amount of salt or sugar you use for the dough, it’s also pretty low in taste, which makes it even better to use. Also, fry bread is really filling and therefore keeps you satisfied for hours (already only one of it, not the whole bunch). ;-)

So how do you like your fry bread?

PS: Here is a little history about fry bread. It also reminded me of the Hungarian’s Lángos and our LEipzig specialty called Kräppelchen.


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