springtime // i wish for you…


One Saturday evening in March, it was already dark outside and all the shops were closed, I was sitting in my beloved coffee shop waiting for Ro to return from the counter with our food and beverages to go. Sitting close to the window, I watched people passing by when suddenly a chimney sweeper, a man in his fifties, flitted over. While literally rushing over the asphalt, he took a teeny tiny figure out of his pocket and put it on the bench right in front of me. He didn’t see me watching him and as soon as he was there he was gone again.

I kept waiting for Ro and also kept an eye on this little friendly guy. People passed by, but no one noticed him. So when we left, I was thinking, this little one might be placed for me. So I brought him home.

Later on I did some research on the Internet to figure out, what placing this chimney sweeper miniature might be all about. There was no logo or anything on it, so it surely wasn’t for promotional purpose. But it also wasn’t New Years Eve, when lucky charms like that are common. And, I also couldn’t find a hint to a media art installation I haven’t heard about yet, so I figured this one certainly was for me.

There is a long tradition of chimney sweepers as a symbol of luck. Their job basically is to clean the chimneys so that people can cook and heat their homes without getting sick from all the smoke and soot. Maybe the human chimney sweeper wanted to remind people to get their chimneys cleaned. Maybe he wanted to remind me. Well, I don’t have a chimney to clean, but metaphorically spoken, chimney sweeping leaves a lot room for interpretation.

Right now I feel like there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned/cleared/uncluttered in my life. Actually, right now I feel like I am deep down in the middle doing this messy job of chimney sweeping myself. Even though good things are already happening, I really hope my personal mental chimney sweeping is going to be rewarded with lots of positive energy, faith and love in the near future.

And this is what I also wish for you, dear reader. May this little guy and this year’s spring bring lots of ease, light and happiness to you – and some good luck too.

Happy Easter! :-)


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