pigeons & co. // first class citizens

pigeon.JPGI’ve recently learned that there is no existing word for animal in Lakota language. The reason is that it would mean second class citizen. And there is no such thing in Lakota people’s philosophy. So instead of saying animal, they call every group of a living thing a nation.

I like that.

So in the picture above there are my friends of the pigeon nation. During winter time until these days, I feed them every day, despite the fact that I grew up being told that feeding pigeons is a bad idea ’cause they transmit diseases. In the end, that means to let them starve.

I can’t do that.

I think, everything exists for a reason and has their purpose on Earth and in life. Pigeons make me happy, I like to observe their social behavior and with their greyish, white, purple and green plumage they’re in my opinion as beautiful as any other creature.

And in the end, I guess, they transmit as much or less diseases as any other living thing does–except maybe the (oh so guiltless) humans…

So my dear winged friends, have a lovely summer and I look forward seeing you again.


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