stijl // shopping fever


I just wanted to take a brief glimpse…at the building I haven’t visited since early childhood days and that was told being good-looking now after renovation. So last weekend’s Stijl DesignMarkt at first actually was just a good option to get inside the old Kongresshalle. But then, you know, a thing called shopping fever totally kicked in… ;-)

First I need to say, this place really has become an amazing location. The market mostly took place in this huge hall that has really gigantic white Jugendstil ornaments/stucco on one wall showing trees, horses, angels and a goddess–very impressing! But this, unfortunately, didn’t attract much attention, ’cause the hall was almost over-packed with stalls–that, in my opinion, also isn’t a good setting for the presentation of DIY goodies, crafts and arty design that, in my opinion, needs a bit more space to catch one’s eye.

But, in the end, Ro and I found some cool things we can highly recommend (tested all of it already… ;-)):

#1 T-Shirts from Yuck Fou: One for Ro, one for me. Fair trade fabrics, screen prints. Perfect.

#2 Paleo Jerky: Juicy jerky from scottish and irish grass-fed cows. Talking to the seller, I also learned about the new “old” thing regarding diets: paleo, which kind of makes sense to me, but won’t become the next thing I try, since I love some of the no-go foods in this diet too much. (Eaten already…)

#3 Schnapps: We decided to get this Bier Likör 22, ’cause this liqueur didn’t taste like beer to me, but was super sweet and malty. (I love malt drinks, malt sweets…) And then there was O’Donnell, so we bought more booze. One is a pure wheat liqueur/Korn and the other one is a liqueur that tastes like an already mixed cocktail, like a Cosmo or something. Actually, we are more into Whisk(e)y, but this corn is really good. And of course, we liked the moonshine glasses/bottles and the idea of an extra pourer.

#4 Tattoos from Tattster: Yes, that’s the child in me. Black and white temporary tattoos. Totally my thing. ;-)

Besides that, Ro was given a beard oil from Goelds that smells soo good. And I would have loved to spend some more money on a stunning black and white print by the amazing ink artist Wolfgang Philippi, but unfortunately it wasn’t available in a smaller size.

Well, concerning my plan to become a full minimalist in all areas of life, I totally failed this time. But concerning my all-time search for new (to me), selected high-quality and fancy stuff, I guess, I got completely lucky. ;-)

Have a fun weekend!


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