tonis // handmade organic ice cream


Come a little closer. A tiny bit more. Now can you see it? There are little rose petals in my ice cream called Japanese Rose that also includes some poppy seeds. Isn’t that crazy?

A few weeks ago I figured out that there is a Tonis also in our neighborhood! So on a Sunday afternoon, when it was sunny outside but still oh so cold (and right now while typing this it’s snowing again–weird April weather!), Ro and I decided to test some handmade organic, gluten free and partially vegan ice cream. So I had this Japanese Rose and another one with fig and brittle and Ro went for the more traditional ones and chose vanilla and pistachio.

I have to say, it was very delicious, not very sweet but very full in flavor. Also, the shop is pretty nice and the service was very friendly and funny. In my opinion, they create pretty extraordinary ice creams and since they serve coffee, Belgian waffles, cakes and cookies as well I guess I’ve found a new favorite place to stop by right in the middle of the city.

You’ll find Tonis right opposite the entrance of the Thomas Church and it opens in the afternoon from Thursday until Sunday, so make sure to stop by this weekend if you’re around. :-)


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