hendekagon // a space traveller’s guide to haumea

Hello music lovers, today I proudly (and exclusively!) present the video Hendekagon – A Space Traveller’s Guide to Haumea Pt. 1.0–the first part of Ro’s new project that was presented this week with a total five-hour audiovisual performance as a new outcome of our artist’s community Adventurous Music.

The whole mix is based on a consistent concept starting with a super chilly one hour Ambient set. When I was watching this part for the very first time, I totally got in a trance-like state of mind. It felt as calming as sitting on a beach watching the sea or in front of a mesmerizing campfire–a pretty cool experience I’ve had right in my living room.

And this is only the beginning, ’cause after that intro the set takes you gently on a journey through time and space along with some of the greatest artists time being in Electronica, Dub, and Techno feat. Autechre, the Hypnus and Kabalion labels and many more. Feel free to go with the flow and move to the beat until another round of Ambient sound smoothly brings you right back home.

So if you are hooked after watching this video, missed the show or would like to revive it, you can get the full audio experience right here on Ro’s blog.

Have a good time! :-)

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