flesh // contemporary ballet


Totally cool. Great. Just perfect.

Last Sunday, Ro and I went to see Flesh by Iván Pérez at Schauspiel Leipzig. Flesh is a modern ballet in three parts about human relationships. It was my very first time seeing a ballet (if you don’t count Schwanensee more than 20 years ago that I can barely remember). Honestly, I am not so much into all of the classic arts such as opera or ballet, but then I felt a creeping boredom about the artsy things I surround myself everyday and therefore needed a bit of a change. Plus, I’ve read that one dance was to the sounds of Arvo Pärt (and Eric Whitacre), a musician and his early works Ro likes a lot. So we decided to give ballet a try.

So so worth it.

The choreographies were very modern, totally minimalistic in props, had the best sound and lights and brilliant dancers. The performance was mixed with spoken words and a huge black and white screening in the end – something I’ve never thought of would happen in ballet. Even though I’ve had no expectation at all I was amazed by pretty much anything. I probably enjoyed the most the second part, which was a very emotional and touching duet. The whole show also kind of set me in a trance-like state of mind that was similar to what I feel when watching the ocean or clouds. Pretty cool. Therefore, I think, the break after the second part wasn’t necessary at all, but I am pretty sure the dancers needed some rest.

So now that my perspective on ballet has shifted and I am hooked: Do you have any tips for contemporary ballet?


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