ökofete // findings


Last Sunday, Ro and I went to the Ökofete, the largest open air event in Central Germany for all things regarding an eco and natural lifestyle. In the first place I wanted to go to meet up with dear friends I haven’t seen for a very long time, but then I also wanted to look for new food.

And this is what I found: I had delicious sweet fried African dumplings and a refreshing rhubarb lemonade. What I bought for snacktime this week were sauerkraut and zucchini’n’hemp cracker with a paprika and carrot salsa (pictured above). Honestly, these were the best crackers I’ve had for a looong time. Besides that I discovered the most beautiful organic and fair trade t-shirts I have ever seen. I am sure I will get at least one of those in the near future. ;-)

Well, with this kind of inspiration … have a wonderful weekend!


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