one-hour trip // italy and france


On one Saturday this spring, Ro and I traveled from home to Italy and France in just one hour.


But it really felt like that when we were at Bacco 36 and La Chocolaterie right around the corner in our neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel. To me it makes a huge difference when native people sell the food and specialties from their countries of origin.

So at the Italian bistro/tavern/shop we got ham, cheese, and antipasti – all things we already knew were good. And then I spotted this creamy chocolate chips sprinkled fluffy something called profiteroles, that I haven’t had before. Later on, eating that, I felt like in heaven.

At the French café La Chocolaterie we bought several sweets, a baking mixture for macaroons (my favorite!) aaand this delicious lemon cheese cake with pistachios. So good. So so good.

So just in case you’re around and an actual trip to these countries is not an option for you right now, go and check out these two places. The lovely Italian and/or French service will make you feel like on vacation. No doubts. :-)

Well, from next week on topa is on summer break which means me exploring whatever comes my way. So have a good time and I’ll see you soon! :-)


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