easy dessert // sweet & sour cake in a jar


I know a blog who knows a blog. And the result of this is this sweet and sour cake in a jar. This recipe is so very simple and done in less than five minutes, so of course I had to try it out. Plus, it includes ingredients I always have at home–cookies, yogurt, fruits.


You will need:

some cookies

some yogurt

some red currants

some lime juice

some agave sirup

And here is how to make it in less than 5 minutes:

Get your favorite jar.

Crunch the cookies, fill them into the jar.

Mix the yogurt with the agave syrup and lime juice. Fill the mixture into the jar.

Wash the red currants and peel them from the little twig directly on top of the jar.


Enjoy! :-)

Cookies already contain enough sugar, and currants usually have enough fruit acid, so you technically don’t need to add agave syrup for more sweetness and lime juice for more sourness. But I wanted to add some more flavors, so both worked fine for me. Also, in the end it’s up to you how much of the healthy parts of this dessert you use and how much of it is a good treat and sugared energy kick. But you always have to make enough for at least two gourmets (obviously–see my pic and the ones behind the links, haha). ;-)


3 thoughts on “easy dessert // sweet & sour cake in a jar

  1. Beautiful recipe!

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