refreshment // sorbet-ish mango coconut turmeric ice cream


Summer is not over yet. Although it’s pretty cold and rainy while I am writing this post, the forecast says, that there is another heat wave coming this weekend. Therefore I thought I post this sorbet-ish ice cream idea I had a couple of weeks ago.

At first I wanted to make a real ice cream. I used a good recipe and adjusted it a bit according to the ingredients I had in my fridge. In the end it turned out as something between a real sorbet and an almost ice cream or something like a milk drink or an almost shake. So that’s why I am just telling the ingredients I used instead of telling the amounts too.


You will need:


coconut water


turmeric powder

lime juice

agave syrup

And here is how to make it:

Peel the mango and cut it in little slices.

Add these slices to your blender and mix it with all the other ingredients except agave syrup and lime juice. These two ingredients are for extra taste and adding them depends on if you prefer your sorbet-ish ice cream more sour or sweet.

After mixing well and adding the agave syrup and lime juice put the mixture in a container and after that in your fridge.

And then: wait a couple (maybe four) hours and … enjoy! :-)

In the end I liked my slushy cream a lot ’cause it was really refreshing on a hot summer day. So will you try it?

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