reading // greta taubert’s im club der zeitmillionäre

Greta Taubert Zeitmillionäre.JPG

On last week’s Friday Ro and I kind of spontaneously went to the reading of Im Club der Zeitmillionäre (At The Club of Time Millionaires) by Greta Taubert. It was a pretty entertaining evening at Cafè Tunichtgut, one of our favorite restaurants in Leipzig, because the reading was combined with wonderful live music and a cool video performance as well.

I didn’t know much about the Leipzig-based author before, but during the evening I learned that she is a journalist who apparently likes to investigate uncommon things. In this book she describes her one-year-long search for a lifestyle that offers more time for the actual life and all things a person considers worthwhile and fun. Therefore she went to different places in Germany and other countries as well. She met fascinating people who switched from living a life dedicated to work to one with more leisure and time for the really important things. Not only that Greta Taubert interviewed those people, she tried “doing nothing all day long” on her own too. So the book holds a lot of interesting stories and is well-written with the right portion of humor (as far as I can tell from the reading).

Besides that, I also had to have this book because it partially takes place in the neighborhood where I grew up in. It was nice to hear that there is some kind of an existing and seemingly close and friendly community out there now where unfortunately not so much happened the first twenty years after the German reunion.

Well, now I am excited to read this book so be prepared for a review on that one sometime soon!


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