new & good // burgerheart leipzig


Another burger place, really?? That was the first thing I thought when I discovered these huge ads from Burgerheart everywhere around my neighborhood. Because besides the common burger fast food chains we already have great places to eat delicious burger in walking distance/the city center: Burgermeister (three times!) and not to forget the good burgers you can get at restaurants such as Barcelona, Mr. Moto and Café Cantona. But since my man loooves burger sooo much another burger place was on the must-visit list for us.

A reservation, really?? That was the first thing I thought walking into a full house at Burgerheart on the evening of last week’s Friday. But we were lucky and got a free table soon after (which we had to share with another couple a few minutes later). Meanwhile I took the chance to dive into the visual atmosphere which I really liked: white brick walls, huge blackboards with small white crayon sketches, wooden tables, lots of plants, entertaining placemats. The design of the place is minimal, industrial, natural, let’s say: totally my style. We sat “in between” floors because the whole place is separated in three parts, the entry with small tables, the middle part with huge ones and the kinda like cosy third part with smaller tables and huge windows in the back. They played some kind of rock/metal music which was fine first, but later on kind of annoying since with all the people talking the noise level was already pretty high.

Well, we ordered some beer, fries and fried yams, some cole slaw, a cheeseburger and a caramelised new york cheesecake. The service was nice and the food was fine (really no fast food ;-)). I now already know I will come back since I’d like to try some other things from the menu: the falafel salad, créme brulé, and homemade lemonade. But I am not sure if I will have another beer there since…

Almost 4 Euro for one single 0,33 l Heineken?? Yeap, that’s what I thought when I got the check. ;-)


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