industrial // atomized dysfunctions of fetish 69

Do you guys remember Fetish 69 or do you even know them? It’s an industrial band from Austria that was pretty active starting in the late 1980s until around 2003. I’ve seen them once live over here at UT Connewitz and there is one song that kinda like shaped my perception of experimental industrial music: Hyper Real from the album Dysfunction and Drones. This song is pretty much experimental industrial dub, maybe a bit jazzy or trip hop-ish too, has cool vocals and it is also the initial song of this podcast from Signalstoerung (Adventurous Music) .

You cannot find that much info about Fetish 69 on the net (except for a site on Discogs as far as I figured out), so this podcast is something like a rare chance for you to dive into their sounds.

Well, have fun listening to some great music from the past that is, in my opinion, still cool enough to fill a dance floor around these days.  ;-)


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