paper dudes // sustainable design gifts

Batman Paper Dudes.jpg

One of the exciting things for me being a blogger is that I’ll get informed about cool events I otherwise might have missed because people reach out to me. So last weekend I followed an invitation from Paper Dudes and visited the Paper Dudes Pop Up Store over here in LE.

Paper Dudes are little characters made out of 100 % sustainably produced paper. There are many different little dudes ranching from famous football players to musicians and actors already and when visiting you can have your very own dude designed as well. While at the pop up store it was really funny to look at each little dude and guess who was who. In the end, I was thinking such a little dude would make a great gift for a design-loving friend and having a special person in mind Ro and I went for Robin. We also were lucky because the makers offered us some of their little plant pots for free, so we got Batman and Joker too.

Well, time flies and the holiday season is right around the corner, so if you’re looking for a very special and also affordable kind of gift, I think a paper dude is the perfect one.

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