noise // no measurements are necessary feat. 2nd gen and uniform

Good times! :-) Listen to this podcast by Signalstoerung (Adventurous Music) feat. the pretty cool noise bands 2nd Gen and Uniform and discover a bit of the world of the musician and artist Wajid Yaseen.

The song “Middle Finger Motif” from the album Flicknives is certainly my most favorite one and it pretty much went into each of my noise sets between 2003 and 2008. It is such a powerful song and listening to this podcast right now brings up good memories of the fun time we had together also with Nadeem Shafi aka Scalper over here in LE back in 2006.

Also, if you’re in LE tomorrow night, you are welcome to join our party called GNM 15 YRS which takes place to celebrate 15 years of our artist network Global Noise Movement. It’s gonna be a night full of cool noisy sounds and visuals! ;-)


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