upgrading a recipe // my way to the perfect potatoes with quark

potatoe and quark deluxe.JPG

Potatoes with quark is a dish I love since my early childhood days. I still cook the basic recipe but also tried a little new every now and then over the past years. And then it happened: Recently I stick to my latest upgrade because it is just perfect. So here are my different stages of preparing potato with quark:

#0 – Basic recipe: Boiled potatoes with quark

Wash the potatoes, boil them with caraway and salt. Serve them with their peel on so everybody can peel them or not. Put the quark into a boil, add some milk until the quark is slightly creamy. Add a white onion and salt. To round it up, put a table-spoon of cold butter on your hot and non/peeled potatoes. That’s it. Very basic. Some eat it with liver sausage but I don’t.

#1 – First twist: Fancy quark

Over the years I learned that you can upgrade the quark and make it a really good dip! So first I went from white onions to shallots. Big step, I know. Then Ro recommended adding some fresh herbs. So whatever we have in the fridge goes into the quark. So far we had chives (in exchange with the shallots), parsley, and cress. Ro also recommended adding some shredded cucumber, which was a huge improvement (almost like tzatziki, but we don’t add oil or garlic). Then I saw people using yogurt instead of milk, so I started doing this. Delicious! It made the quark more creamy and gave it a nice sourness. I also pimped it even more and added some tiny pieces of radish or bell pepper. So I guess, the quark almost became a complete dish itself.

#2 – Second change: Baked potatoes

This is nothing new, I know, and you can get baked potato slices everywhere and preparing them is super easy. Well, I use to marinade mine with olive oil, salt, paprika, garlic and fresh rosemary before they’ll get baked.

#3 – Third modification: Added veggies, tofu, sesame and fresh herbs

So now we are getting close to what you can see in the picture here. I add whatever vegetable I find in my fridge. So usually it is zucchini, carrots, bell pepper. But I also tried portobello mushrooms, radish, kohlrabi. The latter ones I never had baked before and I need to say: try it! It is such a different taste to the raw or cooked version of these foods. Very tasty! And now that winter is around the corner, I am looking forward to add some horse-radish and pumpkin. I also put tofu in the mix a couple of times. Just like with the baked potatoes I just wash all the vegetables (except for the mushrooms), cut out uneatable parts, cut them into slices and marinade them together with the tofu for about 30 minutes. Then they go into the oven for another thirty minutes. When they are ready to be served I put some sesame seeds and fresh herbs (parsley here) on top.

#4 – Fourth and final stage to perfection: honey-mustard sauce

I can’t remember how I came up with this idea but it was the best I’ve had in a very long time when it comes to cooking. After getting the baked veggies out of the oven, I sprinkle some honey-mustard sauce (mix one teaspoon each) over the baked veggies and that really made this whole dish complete. So simple, but oh sooo good! Well, enjoy! :-)

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