leftovers // mini ramen burger

leftovers mini ramen burger.JPG

Most of the time I have leftovers they’ll find their way all together in one big pan, casserole or salad. Then I came across the ramen burger trend and thought it would be a cool idea for leftovers. Since the amount of food was kind of limited, I decided to go for a mini version of a ramen burger. I remembered my serving rings and used the one with seven centimeter in diameter to fry the ramen-egg-mix.


You will need:



various leftovers (I had tomatoes, mushrooms, salad, schnitzel, cucumber, cheese, and cocktail sauce.)

salt, pepper, fresh herbs for seasoning and decoration

And here is how to make it:

Cut the ramen in medium parts and mix them with the eggs.

Heat a pan, add some olive oil and your serving ring. Give the ramen-egg-mix into the serving ring and let it fry until it’s light brown and has a firm consistency. Then get it out of the pan and let it sit on a kitchen towel for a couple of minutes to get rid of the olive oil.

Meanwhile wash and cut your veggies and other leftovers. I had mine raw and cold, but you can also fry them. Now use these leftovers among with a sauce of your choice to create your leftover mini ramen burger.

Season the veggies with some salt and pepper and add some herbs if you like and…enjoy! :-)

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