mní wičhóni // water is life


Although DAPL is stopped for now, it is not sure what the new President of the U.S., an investor into the pipeline himself, will do. Therefore: It’s not over til’ it’s over, right? So please keep on and support the water protectors at Standing Rock! It’s freezing cold winter over there now and so it is a lot harder for the women, men, elders and children to stay strong and keep up the fight for clean water and a healthy environment for all of us and our future generations.

How to support:

Share this post to erase some awareness.

Follow the Red Warrior Camp and/or the Sacred Stone Camp on Facebook and some more if you like to!

Donate here and/or there.

Get a similar shirt.

If you check out the various websites, there are a lot more options for support such as calling the White House.

Thank you! 


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