April Favorites :: amazing noise music, incredible artwork & a few more


Happy Birthday to this blog! It’s been four years now and you, topa, still enjoy working with me! ;-) Well, at the beginning of this month Ro and I also celebrated a bit myself working as an editor/writer for eight years now (time flies!) and the formation of a new joint project called finetexts that basically combines the things Ro and I love to do: creating books and teaching. We were working on finetexts for several months already and are very proud of the now existing collaborations and the books we helped to publish yet. So in addition to our own creative outcome, here are a few things that inspired me the most this April.

#foryoursoul: Most of the time I cook from scratch. Most of the time I don’t even use a recipe at all. And most of the time I cook the veggies that come with my weekly organic crate. But then my friend Marta gave me two artichokes. And so I first needed to search the web for instructions and second I developed a new craving. Well, these ones in the picture are “just” peeled artichokes, covered in flour, egg, salt/pepper and breadcrumbs, and fried in olive oil. The dip is homemade ketchup. So these fried artichokes with dip are hot and cold, creamy and crispy, fried and fresh, hearty and sour/sweet. I can recommend them because they serve as a whole dish which is perfect for chilly spring evenings on the balcony. ;-)

#foryoureares: The podcast “The Trees As They Reverse Their Breathing” by Adventurous Music features dark electronica sounds by Grebenstein and really really brought my noise-loving ears and heart back to life. It is noisy ambient and rhythmic electronica in such a perfect combination that I really got the I-wanna-DJ-again-and-play-these-tunes-out-loud-itch. I listend to this podcast many times the last couple of days and I am a huge fan of this artist already. In fact, I am more than happy that Grebenstein is gonna play in LEipzig at UT Connewitz at the end of May and I cannot wait to see the show!

#foryoureyes: A couple of weeks ago Ro and I went to The Millionaire’s Club, an annual LEipzig comic book festival. Besides the fact, that I haven’t seen the neighborhood Kolonnadenstraße so much packed with cool and alternative creative people ever before, I was stunned when I discoverd the works of Noise Armada and Brookesia Studio. I very much love their artwork which – in my opinion – is like contemporary dark and industrial Art Nouveau.

#foryourmind: This Individual Coloring Book is the latest book Ro and I created. We basically made it for our little nieces (3 and 4 years old) so that they can learn more about their huge family. It contains a portrait of each family member and explains a bit what they love to do the most in a funny and entertaining way. The drawings are in various difficulty levels so the girls can improve their skills in coloring. Since Ro and I enjoyed very much the creating of this book and are very happy with what the printed version looks like, we were thinking to offer such an Individual Coloring Book to everyone looking for a lovely memento or unique and enjoyable gift (it’s not kids only and various styles are possible). Just let us know!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little trip into my world! Have a wonderful time and enjoy all of the (German) holidays this upcoming May! :-)

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