May Favorites :: a beautiful new place in town, a rhubarb cake challenge & a few more


Lately, I keep hearing rumors that we are facing the last days of the blogosphere. Seems a bit like a conspiracy, but I have to say, I believe it somehow. I am reading blogs and watching vlogs for almost ten years now. I like that, just as I like to read a good magazine or book. Over the years I created a small collection of selected online media regarding the things I am interested in (minimalism and similar lifestyle topics). But even these “high end” blogs and vlogs kinda like have reached their limit already. To me it seems like the majority of the posts is written in a hurry and it’s not rare that I find recurring topics, only discussed from a different perspective. It’s all about followers and all about “getting things out there”, and all about money. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame any blogger who wants to make a living with his blog. But I am glad I decided not to a couple of years ago. I want topa to be unique and I want it exclusively to represent the things I explore, things I think that need to be mentioned because they are special and because they make the world (or starting with LEipzig) a better place – at least a little bit and at least in my opinion. So topa always was, still is and will be a non-profit outlet. It will never win any ranking or support some major company and their greed for profit. It’s for the small entrepreneurs in design and sustainability, for unknown or indie artists, and it’s here to support the Lakota people. So for the latter and in case you like the idea behind topa, enjoyed a single post and maybe want to give something back, topa is now open for donations that will used directly to support the Lakota people.

#foryoursoul: Since rhubarb season started a couple of weeks ago, Ro and I had rhubarb nearly consistently. Besides rhubarb lemonade and rhubarb pudding, Ro created a super delicious rhubarb seltzer cake with almonds (following a secret recipe – sorry, can’t share) and I made a meringue-covered rhubarb cake following my grandma’s apple pie recipe. If you call it a challenge – well, we both won. ;-)

#foryourears: This is Ro’s latest podcast for Adventurous Music called “Expecting Miracles”. It’s beautiful ambient music, the perfect sound for a chilly summer evening. I am always surprised where he finds cool music and his sets always are such a great inspiration and perfect to listen to while working on a script.

#foryoureyes: In case you are wondering where we got such beautiful pottery – well, we made them by ourselves! Well, not completely, but we chose the design and colors and painted the matching bowls – right in our neighborhood, at Lieblingswerk. Hands down, this is the most beautiful place I know of for handcrafted design in LEipzig. So if you are looking for some chilly and creative time (and some hot or cold drinks too), or a place to get a unique and special gift, this is the right one. You’re gonna be amazed. Ro and I had a great and fun time there and I am sure you will, too. Trust me! ;-)

#foryourmind: As you guys probably know, I am studying all things Lakota since like ever. Usually I am using old-school techniques. Like reading and watching movies and documentaries. But then the late starter in me discovered lessons on Lakota on YouTube. I mean real classroom-style lessons. My whole world changed (almost) and I was hooked. And then one of the teachers recommended this book by Luther Standing Bear “Land of the Spotted Eagle”. And here we go again, back to old-school studying. I’ve read this book in such a short time and I marked so many phrases and passages, I actually underlined almost the whole book. Until today, I haven’t read any book on Lakota culture that is as good as this one. I could quote and quote and find no end. It holds so much valuable information, not only interesting from a cultural point of view. It teaches a lot of meaningful things on how to respect each other and how to maintain a healthy environment that although it’s from 1933, it’s more relevant than ever today. I think everyone with big worries about the future should read and definitely learn from it.

Well, enjoy June and have a great time! :-)


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