Summer Break I


Recently a LEipzig visitor asked me about the in my opinion must-see places in town. Well, although this is a hard question and totally depends on your personal fields of interest, here is the first round of my top things to do and places to go during this summer in LE.

#foryoursoul: Café Cantona (just because) // Fleischerei (for the best cake in town) // La Chocolaterie (for the best chocolate in town) // Zierlich Manierlich (for the best organic food in the middle of nowhere)

#foryourears: Refugees Welcome Platz (for the sound mix of fountains and skaters) // Connewitz-Lindenau and the route between (for the annual Global Space Odyssey) // Pappelwäldchen (for the sound mix of wind and cotton wood trees) // Rosental (for the funny noises young grey herons make)

#foryoureyes: Markkleeberger See (for the glittery water) // G2 (for contemporary art, but I haven’t been there yet) // Kolle (for the new bookstore and some more) // Plagwitz (for a personal update)

#foryourmind: Lavendaire Lifestyle (for some uplifting notes) // CleverShuttle (for environmentally friendly travelling through town) // Urban Up (for cool street art) // My Indian Boyhood by Standing Bear (to learn more about Lakota culture)

Have a great summer, stay tuned for Summer Break II and see you around.


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