09*20 //

Hello guys! I’ve seen there are a couple more of you than I had expected reading my blog and that makes me very happy. :-) Well, this month I figured I am quite behind with sharing all the good podcasts Ro created in the past, so I thought making this month’s post into an Adventurous Music Podcast Special. So create yourself this fancy salad and enjoy a couple of hours of cool electronica. 

//// foryoursoul >> Have you ever had a tomato salad with peanuts? It’s probably a Nepalese appetizer. It’s a bit spicy and also made with lots of cilantro. And if you don’t like that herb, you can use parsley instead. Either way, it’s sooo good! :-)

//// foryourears >> No. 1: “Adventurous Music Podcast #94 Hidden Vibes” features music from the label Stumm433. 

//// foryourears >> No. 2: “Adventurous Music Podcast #95 Stumm433″ features music from the label Hidden Vibes. 

//// foryourears >> No. 3: “Adventurous Music Podcast #96 Ghosts features music by Nine Inch Nails. 

Well, have a good time and enjoy the fall season! :-)

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