what’s topa?


about this blog

I, Corina, started topa in April 2013 as an outlet for the things I observe or create in culture and art. To me, that can range from excellent food to inspiring visual arts to unconventional music and cultural improvements. New or old, seen or told. Until Dec 2020, I used to post every fourth Friday of the month. At the beginning of 2021, I ended posting indefinitely to have more time to focus on my projects. As for my artwork, please go to corinaretzlaff.com. As for my writing, please have a look at finetexts.com. And as for my music, please visit adventurousmusic.com/inyan. See you soon, here or there.

about this blog’s name

The blog’s name topa is Lakota for the number four. So almost everything on this blog is limited to this number. Four is my lucky number since like ever. Since my teenage years, I feel myself very close to the Lakota people (also known as Sioux), First Nation or Native Americans, located in the Middle West of the United States. I don’t know why; it came to me somehow. Since then, I am really into their original culture and way of living. But they don’t have an easy life these days, they are still victims of an ongoing genocide. So I was thinking to support them somehow with this blog.

In 2018, a long-term collaboration between the Lakota activist Garry Rowland and myself resulted in the publication of the book called It’s Only The Beginning – The Memoirs Of Lakota Warrior Theȟíya Kté From Wounded Knee”. All the income from the book sale helps to support the Lakota people. 

about me

Despite the fact that I am holding degrees in business, education, and journalism, I work as an editor and writer most of the time and sometimes as a visual artist too. I am also an experienced DJ, musician and producer in electronic music.

Besides that, I was born, raised and I live in Leipzig, Germany. I am a big fan of pretty much all things minimalism and zero waste, a flexitarian, a big supporter of children’s rights and those for animals and plants as well as a devoted walker and hiker, Yogini, and table tennis player.

me and topa elsewhere

FrohFroh featured my debut as a musician.

The Big Issue magazine asked me to write a tiny note about why I love Leipzig.

The webzine The Leipzig Glocal first interviewed me about blogging, Leipzig, and living abroad. Later on, they asked me to write an essay about the experiences I have in being a DJ for experimental electronica.

Lost in Leipzig reviewed topa as one of their five coolest Leipzig blogs.

PS: If not otherwise stated, the provided information reflects my very own opinion, and all pictures are taken by me or with the help of my very talented man, Ro.


27 thoughts on “what’s topa?

  1. Hi
    I am visiting Leipzig for 4 days and I have no idea of what is good to visit and to see, any help is much appreciated!


  2. Hello Corina it’s really nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. Your blog speaks to my soul as well, really love the topics and the way you approach them so I decided to stay and see what’s next ;)

    1. Hi! I am checking out your blog right now and I guess we have some things in common. ;-) I especially like your taste in music (except for Bach, haha, too much of him around here). Have a great day! Corina

      1. Haha Thanks :) I forgot I put that. Sometimes I prefer Handel to Bach hihi :P Love electronic music. I’ve never heard of highly sensitive person specifically before. I guess I’m the opposite :P

      2. Handel is also from just around the corner. ;-) Seems like you’ve got a big heart for German classics. I for myself like it when there is a good electronica track mixed with classical parts. Do you know Venetian Snares (from your side of the world ;-) )?

  3. Hi Ms. Corina! My friend started this “101 things about me” where you can post anything about yourself and tagged your WordPress friend you want know more. I posted my “101 things” and tagged you. It’s basically a challenge and I just know the person behind the blogs I admired. I look forward to post :)

  4. Hi Corina :) Nice to meet you :D I loved the simple and sweet pics in main page :) and I loved your writing here,see you soon again :)

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