September Favorites :: essentialism, a 10 bpm song & a few more


Time really flies, right? It’s the end of September already and here are the four things that I found most inspiring lately.

#foryoursoul: I recently came across a recipe for a vegetable corn chowder. It sounded pretty tasty so I made one right away with the veggies I found in my fridge. There I had fresh corn from the cob and some carrots, zucchini, and red pepper. I just put a little olive oil into a pot, added some onions and all the veggies. I then added as much veggie broth and cream until everything was covered. I let it boil until the veggies had the right consistency, added salt and pepper to taste and garnished it with fresh herbs such as parsley and thyme. It’s sweet, salty and crunchy and it’s actually my favorite chowder right now. (Sorry, no link to a recipe in here since I can’t remember where I found it. But I am sure you can master this one with just trusting your intuition. ;-))

#foryourears: Last week Ro found an article where a Danish club called for tracks not faster than 10 bpm for a 10 bpm club night. Ro was hooked right away and got really excited to participate since creating a song in this tempo for a club night is kind of a funny challenge. But here it is. It’s called China Leads The World (Copenhagen Edit)”, created by Signalstoerung. It has a lot of bass and weird tunes and voices that makes it, in my opinion, pretty cool. So what do you think? Would you dance to it?

#foryoureyes: Do you remember the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ camp on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation which happened a couple of month ago to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline? Well, they released a film about it which is called Awake – A Dream From Standing Rock”. I watched it and found it very moving. It reveals some insights and calls once again to adjust our perception of the environment and the things that are happening right now.

#foryourmind: I cannot recommend enough Greg McKeown’s book “Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”. When I met Ro almost two decades ago, he already was a minimalist. I found that lifestyle pretty interesting but I still have a kind of hard time letting certain things go. So when I red this book, I came to the conclusion that it’s not important to only have a few things. It’s rather important to have things that truly are essential to you. So there are many phrases in that book that I found inspiring, but here is the one that stuck with me the most: “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”

Well, enjoy autumn and have a great time! :-)


Summer Fav :: Elbe Sandstone Mountains


This year’s summer I had the chance to travel a lot and with a longer stay in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (also known as Saxon Switzerland) a lifelong dream came true. I have been traveling the world but never made it to these beautiful mountains in my own state. Mostly because I am a bit picky with accommodation and food. But then I found out about an eco hotel in that area and decided to check this one out.

First of all, the hotel was very beautiful. We had a room on the riverside and enjoyed the best organic food and delicious dishes all day long including regional organic beer and cake. They also offered lunch bags filled with lovely prepared bread rolls, veggies and fruits for hikers, free tea in the afternoon as well as different activities by a healing practitioner. Hotel guests were also invited to use the sauna for free. The little village of Schmilka is right at the border to the Czech Public and it is practically an eco village. Most of the restaurants sell organic food and they brew their own organic beer and bake organic bread and cakes. We also met very kind and friendly people there and enjoyed the amazingly beautiful landscape and pretty cool hiking trails. I was so happy to find this please, I even got over my acrophobia, and since then I call hiking a new hobby.

So if you are looking for paradise, trust me, go to Schmilka, it’s pretty close. ;-)

Summer Break II


I hope you are having a great summer. Here is round two of my recommendations for things to do and places to go in case of a stay in lovely LE … today (or any day). ;-)

#foryoursoul: Ping Ping (for the best dim sum and bao burger in town)

#foryourears: Graue Musik (for fine electronica sounds)

#foryoureyes: Fockeberg (for a beautiful view)

#foryourmind: Abstract: The Art of Design (for tons of inspiration)

Check out Summer Break I in case you’ve missed it and are looking for more.

Summer Break I


Recently a LEipzig visitor asked me about the in my opinion must-see places in town. Well, although this is a hard question and totally depends on your personal fields of interest, here is the first round of my top things to do and places to go during this summer in LE.

#foryoursoul: Café Cantona (just because) // Fleischerei (for the best cake in town) // La Chocolaterie (for the best chocolate in town) // Zierlich Manierlich (for the best organic food in the middle of nowhere)

#foryourears: Refugees Welcome Platz (for the sound mix of fountains and skaters) // Connewitz-Lindenau and the route between (for the annual Global Space Odyssey) // Pappelwäldchen (for the sound mix of wind and cotton wood trees) // Rosental (for the funny noises young grey herons make)

#foryoureyes: Markkleeberger See (for the glittery water) // G2 (for contemporary art, but I haven’t been there yet) // Kolle (for the new bookstore and some more) // Plagwitz (for a personal update)

#foryourmind: Lavendaire Lifestyle (for some uplifting notes) // CleverShuttle (for environmentally friendly travelling through town) // Urban Up (for cool street art) // My Indian Boyhood by Standing Bear (to learn more about Lakota culture)

Have a great summer, stay tuned for Summer Break II and see you around.