electronica // trackology remixes by the_empath

Trackology_The_Empath.jpgI proudly announce that the remix album Trackology Remixes by The_Empath  (Hymen), to which Ro a.k.a. Signalstoerung contributed a mix, is out now. This album consists of a huge variety of electronica remixes, ranching from minimal soundscapes to rhythmic noises and dubstepping breakcore. So in any case you are looking for some cool music to give to an electronica loving person as a last-minute present that also supports an indie label and a Leipzig-based artist, this is the one to get. ;-)


post punk // at night all the cats are grey

Last week, Ro and I had the chance to see The Cure playing right in our neighborhood among with 12.100 other people! It was my first time seeing The Cure live and it brought back some good memories from my youth and early twenties. So I was very excited when Ro said he is working on a podcast for Adventurous Music that covers post punk, new wave, and bat cave.

So, here we go. Enjoy and have fun! :-)

industrial // atomized dysfunctions of fetish 69

Do you guys remember Fetish 69 or do you even know them? It’s an industrial band from Austria that was pretty active starting in the late 1980s until around 2003. I’ve seen them once live over here at UT Connewitz and there is one song that kinda like shaped my perception of experimental industrial music: Hyper Real from the album Dysfunction and Drones. This song is pretty much experimental industrial dub, maybe a bit jazzy or trip hop-ish too, has cool vocals and it is also the initial song of this podcast from Signalstoerung (Adventurous Music) .

You cannot find that much info about Fetish 69 on the net (except for a site on Discogs as far as I figured out), so this podcast is something like a rare chance for you to dive into their sounds.

Well, have fun listening to some great music from the past that is, in my opinion, still cool enough to fill a dance floor around these days.  ;-)

synths // hendekagon’s excerpts from tind’s beyond the b-movies

Stranger Things got me! Synth music is actually not the music I prefer to listen to, but since watching these series I am kinda hooked. So in case you want to dive deeper in this music genre or get a sense of the variety of synth sounds, please enjoy this podcast which is the result of the recent cooperation between Hendekagon and TIND of Adventurous Music.