2016 // happy holidays

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Dear reader, thank you very much for being here! I wish you a wonderful time full of love, peace and inspiration. See you in 2017! :-)


mní wičhóni // water is life


Although DAPL is stopped for now, it is not sure what the new President of the U.S., an investor into the pipeline himself, will do. Therefore: It’s not over til’ it’s over, right? So please keep on and support the water protectors at Standing Rock! It’s freezing cold winter over there now and so it is a lot harder for the women, men, elders and children to stay strong and keep up the fight for clean water and a healthy environment for all of us and our future generations.

How to support:

Share this post to erase some awareness.

Follow the Red Warrior Camp and/or the Sacred Stone Camp on Facebook and some more if you like to!

Donate here and/or there.

Get a similar shirt.

If you check out the various websites, there are a lot more options for support such as calling the White House.

Thank you! 

the big issue // why i love leipzig

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I didn’t know this magazine until Malcolm Jack, journalist for the The Big Issue, reached out to me this summer asking if I can tell Why I love Leipzig for a small column about city breaks. After doing some research I learned that The Big Issue is an international street newspaper (“the world’s most widely circulated street newspaper”), written by journalists and sold by homeless people to give them the chance to earn some money and to integrate them into society. I knew about a similar street magazine we have here in Leipzig as well and liked the idea to write for a good cause, so I decided to go for it.

Although I know many places that are worth a visit in LE, it was very hard to name specific ones because there are so many cool places I would love to recommend. But then, one place I knew I had to name for sure. It is the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. I have been there so many times, but every time I come back to this huge and impressive building it takes my breath away. Still. And I do not mean it’s breath-taking after walking up the hundreds and hundreds of stairs. That sure is but I usually don’t do that. I can just stand in front of it and watch it. It’s just awesome.

And, well yeah, since I love being in nature and most of my life is about art, I had to list places for these things as well for a good Leipzig mix. In the end, I also decided to mainly name those three things not only because they are significant, partly alternative and show a bit of history and present time as well. I also went for these attractions because they are affordable and inexpensive or even for free which makes them perhaps interesting for people with little money as well. Maybe…

So, now I would like to know: Why do you love Leipzig (in case you have been here already)?

gnm15yrs // global noise movement – the book

Global Noise Movement GNM15YRS.JPG

I am so so so over the moon to present the book Global Noise Movement (GNM15YRS) Ro and I created to celebrate the past 15 years of the Global Noise Movement! Global Noise Movement (or short GNM) is an artist collective Ro and I founded back in 2001 to give like-minded artists in noise/industrial the opportunity to collaborate. So for this recent anniversary we thought of something special and came up with the idea to create a book full of the good memories we share coming from joint projects and events for the artists themselves and also for our true fans. So this book mainly consists of fun interviews I did with most of the GNMies (aka DJs/DJanes, musicians and VJs from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands…) asking them questions about how they discovered this certain style of music and a few more.

So if you are interested in the cool background info coming with the interviews, I am happy to announce that you are welcome to purchase your very own copy from now on (via Books on Demand or Amazon). And if you want to learn more about the very beginning of Global Noise Movement, here is an excerpt from the chapter About GNM:

First, there was noise. And then there was the Global Noise Movement. This is the short version on founding this artist’s network. But the long and more entertaining story goes as follows… 

Once upon a time there were a DJ and a DJane with an unlimited passion for any kind of noise music. They enjoyed playing rhythmic noise and industrial while showing manga-like background visuals at a very small and dark and also extremely moisty venue almost every Saturday night in late 2000/early 2001. Their tiny floor was hidden in a cellar-type three dance-floor location, and to get to their floor the audience had to pass pop music clubbers and metal headz. Sometimes they mustn’t walk through, ‘cause there was a band playing on the main stage located right in front of the probably smallest dance floor the universe has ever seen. But the crowd was patient and waited, sometimes for long hours. And it was worth waiting, even though they sometimes came a long way and travelled far just to dance to some eclectic noise music at 3 am in the morning for only half an hour until the floor was closed. So it was nearly unbelievable and somehow magical when this DJ and DJane were discovered by some like-minded artists. Soon after, first meetings were held and collaborations were made. This was in the summer of 2001, and this was when Global Noise Movement was born…