February Favorites :: chocolate tarte, building site crane & a few more


I don’t know about you, but this year I feel like time flies as fast as possible. It’s March in a couple of days already and I am looking forward to a bit more sun shine on the LEipzig horizon. I spent the first months of 2017 almost working non-stop tied down at my desk, so the following things have been a welcoming alternative to my everyday reading/writing routine.

#foryoursoul: Last year, my man was given a baking book. Since we are not big in baking, we were thinking to give it away. But since it was beautifully illustrated, I kinda last minute took the time one day, sat down and … read the book. I loved it so much that a couple of weeks later I created my first chocolate tarte – which turned out as the very best one I ever ate. The book is called “Orientalische Orange” (“Oriental Orange”) and the author and illustrator, Aviv Koriat, is the owner of two bakeries, one in Berlin and one in Weimar.

#foryourears: Yes, I know, Kate Tempest… You probably already know her, since she is played on the radio many times a day and it seems like she is really popular right now. I very much like her voice, her attitude and the variety of her hip-hop-ish/break-ish/dub-ish sounds. Not to forget the message of her songs – very powerful. My favorite song from her latest album “Let Them Eat Chaos” is “Whoops”.

#foryoureyes: If you are living in or have been visiting LEipzig the last couple of month, you might have come across many huge building sites. One of those is in my neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel, in fact, it is right in front of my house. For a couple of weeks now I live with a huge crane operating in front of my window, a place huge maple, chestnut and cottonwood trees once called their home. What’s happening here is (Native Americans would call it raping Mother Earth and I agree) the re-opening of the Elstermühlgraben, a millrace that was covered up almost 60 years ago because of its with chemical waste contaminated water. Since the condition of the water is supposed to be better now (and since LEipzig needs more generous tourists to pay off its debts), the millrace is being re-opened for boat traffic. So since the beginning of the year I enjoy the company of excavators and cranes, which is, in the latter case, pretty weird and scary. Living on the third floor watching a 20 meter crane moving and shaking in only a few meters distance and bringing my very house to quake sometimes feels as terrifying as watching Godzilla walking the streets of New York City (no kidding, even the noises are similar).

#foryourmind: Remember introducing Greta Taubert a few months ago? Well, I’ve read her two books “Apokalypse Jetzt!” (“Apocalypse Now!”) and “Im Club der Zeitmillionäre” (“At The Club of Time Millionaires”) in the meantime and I can highly recommend them! For both books the author, who is a journalist, took time off to research how life in LEipzig and Germany (or Europe) could be after some kind of apocalypse and/or without having the need or chance to work and earn money. Both topics are on my mind for quite a while too, so reading her books literally answered a lot of my questions regarding alternative incomes, minimizing the need of material things, self-containment and autonomy/autarky. Through reading, I also got introduced to many interesting people and communities and her quirky style of writing made absorbing the interesting subject pretty entertaining. One of my favorite quotes from “Im Club der Zeitmillionäre” is: “Warum darf man die Ressourcen der Welt verschwenden, aber nicht sich selbst?” (“Why is it allowed to waste the resources of the world, but not yourself?”).

Well, so far from my little niche of the world. If there is anything you would like to recommend yourself or would like to share regarding my tips, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a good time and see you around! :-)

January Favorites :: buffalo filet, electronica w/ native sounds & a few more


Dear reader, happy new year! I hope it’s gonna be a good one.

Well, this year on this blog is gonna be another one dedicated to minimalism. So I decided to only post on the fourth Friday each month and we’ll see how that’s gonna feel like. Posts of course will continue to include my favorite things regarding a healthy and minimal lifestyle as well as outstanding art and some things that will help in supporting the Lakota people.

So starting today, here are the four things that inspired me the most in January.

#foryoursoul: This buffalo filet was the most delicious meal to start the new year with. I still had some buffalo meat in my freezer from our recent trip to the buffalo farm close to Leipzig, so I decided to create this dish. It’s buffalo filet, Hokkaido puree, salad made of japanese radish, cucumber and sesame, and homemade sweet cherry chutney. I am a big fan of a good beef steak, but this buffalo filet really topped it all. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, since it was quite expensive and I really didn’t want it to be a failure. But in the end, it was just perfect. The hot and the cold, the hearty and sweet and sour, the crispy and mellow all satisfied my “Ayurvedic appetite”. So good!

#foryourears: I follow A Tribe Called Red for a few years already and really like their sounds which are most of the time electronica mixed with Native American vocals, drums and other indigenous music elements. I really enjoy listening to their songs which are very powerful in raising awareness for indigenous peoples’ needs. On this album called “We Are The Halluci Nation” my favorite track is “R.E.D. Feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear”.

#foryoureyes: “Warren the 13th” by Tania Del Rio and illustrated by Will Staehle is such a cool and funny book. It’s about a teenage boy running an old hotel that he inherited and that needs to be protected, since his evil aunt has certain plans. A lot of cool and whimsical things happen and reading this one and looking at these amazingly drawn pictures is more than worth the reading time.

#foryourmind: Well, you may have heard it in the news, under the new president of the U.S. the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) probably will be continued. But you can still take action, so please go and visit the Lakota Law website and sign the petition or donate for the water protectors who are still there despite freezing temperatures and other hard circumstances!

Well, have a great weekend and enjoy February with lots of sun and snow! :-)

electronica // trackology remixes by the_empath

I proudly announce that the remix album Trackology Remixes by The_Empath  (Hymen), to which Ro a.k.a. Signalstoerung contributed a mix, is out now. This album consists of a huge variety of electronica remixes, ranching from minimal soundscapes to rhythmic noises and dubstepping breakcore. So in any case you are looking for some cool music to give to an electronica loving person as a last-minute present that also supports an indie label and a Leipzig-based artist, this is the one to get. ;-)