electronica // trackology remixes by the_empath

I proudly announce that the remix album Trackology Remixes by The_Empath  (Hymen), to which Ro a.k.a. Signalstoerung contributed a mix, is out now. This album consists of a huge variety of electronica remixes, ranching from minimal soundscapes to rhythmic noises and dubstepping breakcore. So in any case you are looking for some cool music to give to an electronica loving person as a last-minute present that also supports an indie label and a Leipzig-based artist, this is the one to get. ;-)

mní wičhóni // water is life


Although DAPL is stopped for now, it is not sure what the new President of the U.S., an investor into the pipeline himself, will do. Therefore: It’s not over til’ it’s over, right? So please keep on and support the water protectors at Standing Rock! It’s freezing cold winter over there now and so it is a lot harder for the women, men, elders and children to stay strong and keep up the fight for clean water and a healthy environment for all of us and our future generations.

How to support:

Share this post to erase some awareness.

Follow the Red Warrior Camp and/or the Sacred Stone Camp on Facebook and some more if you like to!

Donate here and/or there.

Get a similar shirt.

If you check out the various websites, there are a lot more options for support such as calling the White House.

Thank you! 

leftovers // mini ramen burger

leftovers mini ramen burger.JPG

Most of the time I have leftovers they’ll find their way all together in one big pan, casserole or salad. Then I came across the ramen burger trend and thought it would be a cool idea for leftovers. Since the amount of food was kind of limited, I decided to go for a mini version of a ramen burger. I remembered my serving rings and used the one with seven centimeter in diameter to fry the ramen-egg-mix.


You will need:



various leftovers (I had tomatoes, mushrooms, salad, schnitzel, cucumber, cheese, and cocktail sauce.)

salt, pepper, fresh herbs for seasoning and decoration

And here is how to make it:

Cut the ramen in medium parts and mix them with the eggs.

Heat a pan, add some olive oil and your serving ring. Give the ramen-egg-mix into the serving ring and let it fry until it’s light brown and has a firm consistency. Then get it out of the pan and let it sit on a kitchen towel for a couple of minutes to get rid of the olive oil.

Meanwhile wash and cut your veggies and other leftovers. I had mine raw and cold, but you can also fry them. Now use these leftovers among with a sauce of your choice to create your leftover mini ramen burger.

Season the veggies with some salt and pepper and add some herbs if you like and…enjoy! :-)