johann johannsson – odi et amo // catchy song and an announcement


This song, folks, this song! I cannot get it out of my head since I heard it for the very first time here. It is so overwhelmingly beautiful! And so I was thinking, why not including it in the mix I was asked for to create anyway for… (drum roll, please) N8SCHICHT >> black and white.

N8SCHICHT >> black and white is an event hosted by my friend Janina (also known as Aura Kamikura) at Kulturfabrik Haldensleben. It is the Finissage of the exhibition with paintings by Jochen P. Heite, a painter from Magdeburg that only creates black paintings. Therefore, this whole event will strictly be in black and white (also the offered drinks will be straight monochrome, how great is that?).

So this Finissage is supplemented by ambient music coming from 16 π and visuals made by CaSt Shadows, by experimental cello sounds created by Prypjat Syndrome, by a special Kraftwerk mix created by A. K. and the visual performance by media artist Alexander Stephan that… (drum roll again, please) features me, INYAN.* And this song Odi Et Amo by Johann Johannsson.

So, I would say, go get your ticket! You surely won’t miss it, ’cause it’s gonna be awesome!

N8SCHICHT >> black and white: March 14th // 8pm // Kulturfabrik Haldensleben // Feel free to style yourself in black and white.

*In case you don’t know about this yet: When I create music mixes, I am known as INYAN.

visuals // homeomorphism


When I used to DJ Electronica visuals always were a nice addition entertaining my audience and helped to make the event more special and unique. But over the years visual arts became more and more relevant itself and nowadays visuals might be in a place where they can attract the party guests more than the live or digital played sound. At least, that’s what I experienced.

So lately I’ve been keeping an extra eye on the VJs and so I came across this audiovisual performance by Ouchhh called Homeomorphism on Vimeo.

Watch it. Really, watch it. At least you don’t like to be… flashed. ;-)

PS: In this case the music is excellent too. I wish I could have experienced this show in real.