signalstoerung // a kabalion & hypnus hodgepodge

Ro aka Signalstoerung has a new blog now where he shares his music and this is one of his recent mixes he made for Adventurous Music I just like a lot. It features Kabalion and Hypnus, two young labels from Sweden, and is light but also a bit noisy, hypnotizing, technoid and driving. So for me it’s a really catchy one.

So check this out, if you’re looking for some electronic tunes during this weekend! Hope you have a good one! :-)

recommended listening // sleep by max richter


Once in a while, I come across a song that is so so beautiful and touches me so deeply, that I could almost cry tears of joy and hope and tears of grief and relief at the very same time.

And so it was with Path 5 (delta) by Max Richter.

This song is part of Max Richter’s monumental work Sleep, an eight-hour long album that is supposed to give us back the rest, silence and calmness that the everyday life takes from us. I haven’t had the time to listen to the full album yet, but I will within the next few days when I have the right setting along with some time off.

Enjoy the last days of winter! :-)

PS: For me, two other moving songs are “So it goes” by Greg Haines, it is the first one in this set of mine, and “Odi et amo” by Johann Johannsson, which is the second one in here

inyan // hymns for the future

On last week’s Friday, I had the chance to be part of Raster Noton & Adventurous Music at Institut Für Zukunft (IfZ). This is the set I prepared, in case you’ve missed the party.

Greg Haines – So it goes

Fever Ray – Here before

Andy Stott – Numb

Sagat – Organs

Holy Other – Yr Love

Rival Consoles – Morning Vox

The Third Eye Foundation – Anhedonia


Enjoy it – I hope you like it.

PS: This is Adventurous Music and here is the set Signalstoerung played.

recommended listening // sleepstep by dasha rush


Here we go with another female artist on Raster Noton, Dasha Rush. Her album “Sleepstep. Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends” is something I enjoy listening to these days of early autumn. It is kind of ambient and minimal Electronica with warm sound structures and sometimes deep and calm voices.

Dasha Rush is a DJane and Techno producer from Russia that is currently touring the world (if you’re in Germany: Oct 17th, Unikat/Dresden). Below is a video by Vjit³ of the song “Time Whispers and Albert”. Enjoy!

PS: The album Sleepstep is also available on Amazon.