10*20 // One Little DJane

With One Little DJane – A Flipbook Adventure a long-term dream of mine comes true. I’ve always wanted to create a flipbook so I was working on this idea for many years. As you can imagine, I am very happy that it is out now. It tells the story of the beginning of a young woman’s DJ career using poetry and black and white illustration. It also includes a link to an exclusive track of experimental electronica. I drew every single picture, juggled all the words over and over again, and created the music with the help of my very talented man, Ro.

Well, I did it! :-) And now it’s your turn! Go and get your copy and have fun flipping, reading, listening, and maybe dancing! :-)

synths // hendekagon’s excerpts from tind’s beyond the b-movies

Stranger Things got me! Synth music is actually not the music I prefer to listen to, but since watching these series I am kinda hooked. So in case you want to dive deeper in this music genre or get a sense of the variety of synth sounds, please enjoy this podcast which is the result of the recent cooperation between Hendekagon and TIND of Adventurous Music.