glitch // vj art pop up exhibition


Last Saturday, Ro and I celebrated the big birthdays we have had this year with a VJ ART POP UP EXHIBITION we named GLITCH, at BAU BAU, the café at the Gallery of Contemporary Art Leipzig.

In our opinion, VJ art needs more attention. Most of you may recognize it as a background video when a DJ or band is playing. But we think it is way more than just a nice addition to some music. So at GLITCH we gave VJ art the main stage without any live musician and invited our guests to sit, watch and just enjoy the show. ;-)

We asked our very talented VJ friends Francis Theberge aka TiND (Montreal/Canada), Pablo IA aka Geso (Madrid/Spain) and Aristides Garcia (Teneriffe/Spain) to contribute some visuals that somehow reflect the 1970s/1980s, ’cause these were the decades when we were kids.

And these are their works in case you’ve missed it:

TiND x Création Ex-Nihilo from tind :: thisisnotdesign on Vimeo. Sound by Guillaume Bourassa.

77 from Geso on Vimeo. Sound by Sonic Bat.

Xenas from lasal on Vimeo. Sound by Plaster.

We also asked our guests not to bring any gifts for us but to donate some money for refugee kids if they would like. We raised a total 250 Euro (!!) we will give to the ones taken care of at Mühlholz e. V. Leipzig.

In the end, we had a wonderful evening at a pretty cool place, among very dear people and with fantastic audiovisual arts.

PS: GLITCH was an event created for Adventurous Music. If you are interested in upcoming events, please follow us here.