drawing // monochrome or colorful


One of my goals for this year was to improve my drawing skills. So for a while now I am testing different techniques and since watercolor painting has been very popular in my family (my grandpa used to draw advertising posters and my dad was a porcelain painter), I was thinking I give it a try.

And so I am trying it for months now and I am still not sure if that is something that makes me happy. I am also not sure if it’s because of the technique or because of the color. I mean, I like looking at colorful pictures from other artists and I love photo-realistic paintings. I also like to use colors and to draw with them, but at the end, when I think the painting is finished, I am like: Well, I guess I would have liked it more if it was just monochrome (and thanks to Photoshop it is).

And here is like it looks in real. I mean, it’s not that bad at all (and I got an Aaah from my Dad – what means something like… not so bad), but the colors seem so unreal and not powerful enough (probably the reason why I prefer drawing with markers).


So what are you thinking? Have you experienced the same? Also, if you have some advice for me, I’d love to hear!

PS: One of my all-time favorite drawings. Maybe I should stick to that style.

visuals // homeomorphism


When I used to DJ Electronica visuals always were a nice addition entertaining my audience and helped to make the event more special and unique. But over the years visual arts became more and more relevant itself and nowadays visuals might be in a place where they can attract the party guests more than the live or digital played sound. At least, that’s what I experienced.

So lately I’ve been keeping an extra eye on the VJs and so I came across this audiovisual performance by Ouchhh called Homeomorphism on Vimeo.

Watch it. Really, watch it. At least you don’t like to be… flashed. ;-)

PS: In this case the music is excellent too. I wish I could have experienced this show in real.