why not?


about collaborations 

There is something on this blog you have seen, listened to, read or tried out and it inspired you? Great! Why not starting a joint project in music, art or writing, in LEipzig or elsewhere?

Therefore, check out my professional background, and feel free to contact me via thisistopa@gmail.com! Looking forward to meeting you!

about sponsored posts

If not otherwise stated, this blog reflects my very own opinion, experience, and creations, and none of the posts is sponsored. But feel free to contact me, if you would like to collaborate! Just check this blog out a bit before and keep in mind, that your product or info is something I, Corina, would like to check out or use by myself. Then, with this blog, you can be sure to have a platform where your info is spread worldwide.

PS: Besides giving interested readers some information, this blog also exists to support the Lakota people, so that they can maintain their cultural achievements. So if this is something that convinces you, I’d appreciate a cooperation.


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