björk’s bastards


I finally got the remix album Bastards of Björk’s album Biophilia, which was out by the end of 2012. From the day on when I was watching Björk live for the very first time in Paris this March, I couldn’t stop listening to the original album. It was such a great show I will never forget. I am still getting goose bumps when I am looking back and imagine the pretty good sound, the electrifying visuals and the incredible choir. Not to forget Björk and her stunning vocals. So it was kind of nice to extend this experience with the remixes. And there are some really cool artists on this one, like Alva Noto, Current Value and Matthew Herbert. So if you are in the mood for some really good sounds covering different genres from avantgarde to contemporary electronica and even dub step, sometimes complemented by mideast sounds and vocals, take some time off and enjoy this album. My favorite one is the remix of Hallow by 16-Bit.

Label: One Little Indian

PS: Have you seen the video of the song Mutual Core yet? The remix album cover is an excerpt of it. You should see it, it’s amazing. And if you like the sounds more minimal but danceable, here is another remix of this song.


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