where have i been? #24 – the loveliest place for cupcakes in town


As I promised, in February I would leave the house again for food. And since it is Valentine’s Day this month, I was thinking, why not making my this month’s where have i been posts all about the in my opinion most romantic cafés in town.

So here we go with the first one. Thanks to my friend Katrin, who recommended it to me! It was such a pleasure to be there. This place is awesome. The interior is modern, vintage and stylish at the same time, which I liked a lot. And then it has all these little sweet details and decorations, that keep you saying: Oh look here, look there. I like that a lot!

And then of course the food. Everything so lovely and delicious. We had flavored latte macchiato and chai, vegan cheesecake with berries and a chocolate muffin. And just because it was so tasty and heart warming (and also because we were there right before closing time), I totally forgot to take a picture of these mouth-watering things we’ve eaten and drunk.

Well, next time. ;-)

But now it’s on you: Where have I been to eat no cupcakes but other excellent desserts? Do you know this place and what can you recommend from there? Feel free to answer in the comment section below.

PS: I almost forgot to answer my question from last week. Well, for Arabic appetizers and sweets I ordered at El Arabi and the delivery service this time was Lieferheld.


Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


3 thoughts on “where have i been? #24 – the loveliest place for cupcakes in town

    1. Hi Rosi, thanks for your comment! :-) But even if Mintastique is also a very good place for cupcakes in LE, I haven’t been there this time. But you can try again! ;-)

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