i am back! – with lots of news, news, news…


Well, it’s not August yet (and I am still in blogging pause modus), but I was thinking to stop by and say hello ’cause I have some announcements to make within the next few weeks and would like you to be well-prepared for that. ;-)

The first is coming up in a few days and I really hope you will like it.

Besides that, I was thinking to change the focus of this blog a bit. The first year of blogging was a really busy one for me. First I was thinking I only write down the things I do and like anyway. But then I got a bit lost and was thinking, what could be interesting for you or what place in LEipzig is worth to post about. And covering all interests – as you might know if you are a blogger as well and made this experience – it is a lot of work to do. Especially if you have high expectations on the quality of your pictures, photoshop skills and words. So somehow this actual hobby became my second full time job. And with that there was also a lot of planning involved, what kind of displaced the lightness and joy of spontaneous adventures. I also figured out, that there are tons of other blogs about LEipzig and great bloggers too that like to build up a collection of new shop openings, stylish places to eat and things that are going on in this town.

But, I have to admit, that’s no me. I am not a collector. I am always on the search for very special things, even if they might only attract my very own attention. So to figure out where to go with this blog I was thinking about all the things that I really am and that really interest me. (You will learn more about that on my what’s topa? page.) Only me. And only maybe you. And that is what I am going to write about from now on (and even if they won’t meet your taste, you will at least know that they exist.) ;-)

Basically, I continue to write about creativism. The funny thing is, this word creativism actually doesn’t really exist. Check the web, there are only vague descriptions. But for me, it is actually easy to explain. In my opinion creativism is the attitude to live a life thats focused on creating things, no matter if it’s music, recipes, literature, paintings or whatever needs time, leisure, talent and/or taste, know how and/or courage and patience. And love, of course. ;-)

So topa still means enjoying creativism and it’s great to be back with some of it very soon. :-)


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